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To build your own from scratch…

Source files: Morgan Hardware:

Source files: Morgan’s Marlin firmware:

In South-Africa, and need printed parts? Click on the Parts button to the left. It will get you the parts you want…


Morgan’s Chinese family

Ryan Altair had to make do with what is available to him, and made a plan!

This morning on the forums:

She prints,the Morgan in Asia prints!!
Even this Morgan is not a original Morgan,sorry that I have to go to school before Aug.29, and my Mendel can’t print something big like the drivewheel. Without other choice, sorry that I have to make some change,after all ,it prints! And I sure, SCARA Morgan deserves the name,Hunt’s the best Reprap machine I ever seen!
Thanks everyone in this builders forum,especially Mr.Quentin. Without your help I can’t make it to this step!
If there is anything I can help,I am on my way to be a volunteer.
Thanks again!

beautiful moring of Aug.26





Morgan Ultimate?

Wim de Groot is at it again…

Morgan Ultimate Morgan Ultimate arms Morgan Ultimate drives

Wim writes:

I had access to another Ultimaker kit and applied that with the available Morgan parts from the first trial set-up.
I used the Ultimaker platform ( =more stable but mounted up side down to get the platform higher) , and with M8 thread and nut as in your design.
I used the Ultimaker extruderfeeder, electronics and motors.
I designed and built a hotend for the Morgan arm.

We now are struggling with positioning the end stops, the firmware and the calibration.
I have got a friend to do that for me as I am more a mechanical guy.
Where and how did you place the Hall sensors?

We let you know when the printer works.

Problems so far:
The standard Ultimaker print surface dimensions are too small for the full use of the Morgan arms.
Home position as you sent me in a picture can not be attained/applied.
We need to find a way to mount two homing switches (Hall type) for the arms.

Morgan arm calibration guide

I have shot some video, showing the Pronterface console and the machine, but for some reason I have trouble with the sound of it.  I may have to narrate the whole thing….

In the mean time I have drawn up a flowchart that sums up the whole video.

Morgan Cal flowchart  (corrected version… Thanks Fig)

Please feel free to ask questions if anything is unclear.  This flowchart works great for me.

Gada prize

Kartik Gada just announced:


I am happy to announce that we have a winner in the Interim Personal Manufacturing Prize, initially conceived of in 2009, and in the amount of US$ 20,000. The Prize Specifications are here, under ‘Interim Personal Manufacturing Prize’ :
Prize Specifications


The winner is : ‘Morgan’ by Quentin Harley.

Some links with more information about Morgan.

All good things

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