Morgan Printer profiles for Simplify3D

The latest Morgan Profiles are always in our profile dropbox:
Morgan Profiles

To import this profile for your Morgan printer please go to File–>Import FFF Profile then from there, click “Edit Process Settings” and select the profile.



From here, you would want to click Edit Process Settings and then click the Profile option to then select the Morgan profile you’ve just imported.

Printable area display

In the same Dropbox folder, there are STL files that describe the printable area of the machines.  The profiles that came with Simplify 3D are outdated and will be upgraded soon, but for now, do the following:
  1. copy the STL files to the correct folder:
    • Windows: C:\Users\**USERNAME**\AppData\Local\Simplify3D\S3D-Software
    • OSX: Macintosh HD/Users/**USERNAME**/Library/Application Support/Simplify3D/S3D-Software
    • GNU Linux: /home/**USERNAME**/.local/share/Simplify3D/S3D-Software
  2. Restart Simplify3D

Your imported profiles should now display the printable area as a blue shape.


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