Smoothieware Morgan arm calibration

Your Morgan system has been calibrated in the factory before shipment.  These calibrations should not be performed routinely, and will remain valid in normal circumstances, but routine checks can be valuable to keep your machine in top condition.

Should you ever lose your custom calibration settings, please restore the factory calibration files to the MSD, and follow this guide.

SCARA calibration

Theta Calibration

  • Run the initial position for arm calibration:

    This will home the Morgan, and move the arms close to the position in the following image:

    Theta calbration
    Theta calibration
    M360 calibration tool
    M360 calibration tool position

    Morgan Pro3 has the Theta calibration on the right side.    Allign the front arm with the calibration piece placed on the screws.  You can either peer over the arm, or use light to check the allignent:

  • _DSC0201

    Align the arm to the screws in the top platform for 90deg angle (Morgan 2 versions)

  • Jog the Theta arm to be parallel to the top platform using Y+ and Y- buttons.  Be as precise as possible.  Use a small light (mobile phone works well) to cast a shadow off the arm onto the platform or the top screws.
  • In this position if adjustment was needed, issue the calculation command:
    M360 P0

Psi Calibration

  • Issue the initial Psi calibration position command:

    This will home the Morgan, and move the arm in a position resembling one of the following images: Psi Calibration position

  • Use the calibration tool on the hinge screws for Morgan 2:
    _DSC0297_DSC0301 _DSC0300
    All the screws should be centered on the respective holes in the tool for 90 deg.

    Morgan Pro3 uses the calobration clip.  Snap the clip onto the elbow hinge from the corner as indicated.

    Turn the clip and hook the slot over the support piece of the shoulder joint.

    The notch on the clip should allign with the line on the toolhead as shown.

    If not, adjust using Y+ and Y- to perfectly allign the clip.

  • Jog the arms using the Y+ and Y- buttons to ensure exactly 90deg between the arms.  Be as precise as possible.
  • If Adjustment was needed, issue the Psi calculation command:
    M364 P0

Store calibration:

After calibration completion, run the command to store the new configuration.

NB:  Ensure that the Morgan Mass Storage drive is ejected before saving (Safely remove – windows):

  • M366

This concludes the arm calibration.

Make backups of the following files on the Morgan Mass Storage in a safe place:


If the config is lost for whatever reason, copy these back onto the MSD drive to restore.

Next Steps

Continue to the Z Calibration

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