In print Z adjustment

In the firmware update of 23 April 2016 we added a brand new feature: In print Z adjustment!

It is very simple to use:

  1.  This assumes the normal Z calibration has been completed recently and nothing major has happened to that calibration
  2. Start your print
  3. During the first layer jog the Z height using the following commands in the communication tab :Machine control panel
    • Closer:
    • M306.1 Z-0.05
    • Farther:
    • M306.1 Z0.05
  4. The Value of the Z parameter is the distance to jog during the operation.  Keep the values smaller rather than larger
  5. If the print layer is properly adjusted, you can save the Z calibration in the normal way to make the changes permanent.
    • Eject (Safely remove) the morgan drive from the operating system in the file manager
    • Run the save command:
    • M374 M500
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