SA 3D Suppliers list

To build a good 3D printer, you need a list of good and affordable suppliers. This list is free advertisement for those suppliers that make it easy for me to support them (Think ease, price, availability, free samples etc.)

Micro Robotics (Arduino, Pololu, Sparkfun, Stepper motors etc.)

3D Printer 3D Printing stuff, Filament, spares etc. )


Hans Fouche
Fouche 3D Printing
Creator of the “Cheetah” Large 3d printer.
e-mail him at:
or visit:

RS components : All the electronics you need – with free shipping in South Africa, and if they don’t have, they’ll get – and in small quantities.

Chemical & Industrial Plastics : PTFE (teflon) tubing, rod and anything else teflon…

Incledon platics : PVC tube supplier

Communica : Crazy bonkers low Arduino pricing! I always felt ripped of, but now I know we always were…

If anyone needs chemicals, solvents etc. You can get them from
If its not on the site, just mail

More suppliers will be added as I find them!

31 Replies to “SA 3D Suppliers list”

  1. RS also have PTFE tubing, Kapton tape….

    Might also make sense to list Builder’s Warehouse, Acorn Fasteners (or Boltfast for the non-Centurion people) for threaded rods, fasteners, etc… (RS has those as well, but they are quite expensive…) Builder’s also have “Painter’s tape”

    1. Good idea. I initially thought I would just list the exotics to help fellow stragglers, but these are important. I realize that for some these might not be common knowledge.

      Tubing at RS is a bit too expensive for my taste…

  2. We finally have stock again of materials.
    3mm and 1.75mm ABS and PLA. All colours, including golds, silvers and glow in the darks. Standard colours are R300/Kg Incl.

    Available from us or our web shop

    Also bringing in some more affordable 3D Printers, like the fully assembled MBot makerbot replicator clone with 200 x 200 x 200mm build area, heated build plates and duel extruders.
    Single extruder below R10k incl VAT and Duel below R11k.

    Other printer components such as controller boards, hot end components, nema motors etc will also be coming in.

  3. RS charges me R75 to deliver to Pretoria. They do however deliver goods as and when they become available so one order may have multiple deliveries in stead of one big one at the very end when they have everything in stock.

  4. I’ve ordered filament from as well (prices are really competitive) . I’ve just not gotten around to using it, but the colours so far have been spot-on. I hate it when I order Green filament only to find that it is more of a dark turquoise.

  5. I am writing the book “3D Printing for Dummies” together with Richard (known as “RichRap” on most forums), in which we are demonstrating both cartesian (MendelMax) and delta (RostockMax) kits for RepRap construction by our readers. I wanted to include a polar RepRap design but could not find a source for the Morgan’s kit anywhere. Richard covered the Morgan for the second edition of the RepRap Magazine, and I would like to include images of your design if possible for our readers to see what is newly developing in the RepRap options.


    Kalani Kirk Hausman

  6. hello Quentin,

    Congrats for the Gada Uplift prize.

    Do you have any plan or partners to commercialize Moragn kits in Europe?

    Best regards

      1. Quentin, I am discovering the 3D printing world, so I was more interested in buidling/buying a Morgan. But, if there are no alternatives, I would start building from scratch.

  7. I finally saved up enough to buy the kit from only to find out that it’s nowhere to be found. I emailed support, but have had no reply.
    Is this temporary or do I start sourcing parts myself?


  8. Disabled the kits due to printing issues – Quentin is currently building his farm up so we can get that leadtime down – kits will be re-enabled then.

  9. Does anyone know any local suppliers in South Africa that I can buy PLA filament from?
    I bought 5 rolls of filament almost 4 months ago and Cad House are unable or unwilling to supply the filament I ordered. I’m willing to pay a little extra as long as my supplier can respond to their emails and deliver as promised.

    I would remove from the list because although they may stock filament, they don’t deliver it.

    1. I don’t like having stuff sent to me, so I always drive to Cad house if i want filament from them.

      I will see if I can contact Bernhard on your behalf.

  10. Yeah, dealing with people face-to-face helps. I would prefer to drive there and get the stuff myself. It’s not that I’m lazy but I’m in Cape Town 🙂

  11. Bernard explained to me that they were having supply problems with the 1.75mm ABS filament. I was refunded and all is good. I understand that supply issues can arise but to keep me waiting for over 4 months before letting me know is inexcusable. Emails coast almost nothing to send these days.

    I bought some filament from

    They’ll ship 4 rolls of 1.75mm PLA filament for R70 shipping, counter-to-counter. That works out at R317.50 per kilogram. I received my order within 5 days.

    Don’t buy from their website though. Email them directly to negotiate the shipping charges. The guy is really helpful 🙂


  12. Hi,

    I am very interest in the duel extruder for below R11k. emaill me soonest on sarwark.saza (at) gmail dot com

    1. Although a dual extruder is planned, it is not completed, coded or tested yet. I have some free time in January that will come in very handy…

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