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    1. Hi Q,

      sorry – you made a little mistake … the adress of my Morgan is not Berliner Straße 2, Köln, Germany

      it is “Köln-Berliner-Straße 2” (thats the Streetname and Nr.) in the Town of Dortmund in Germany


      1. Where is cocktailyogi’s forum entry on homing Z to zero ?
        Did a search and found nothing.
        Have read everything historically and not seen this.

  1. I’m playing with that version too already. While homing z-axis works like charm the Psi- and Delta-Arms don’t.

    But trying to configure the armlevel-branch (which I prefer by now) to home z-axis to z=0 crashes the bed to to the ground, overriding the z-max-endstop if it doesn’t exist.

    I’ll have to dig a bit deeper into Marlin to fix that I guess. I didn’t understand all of it until now. But that’s okay. Only by understanding Marlin more deeply I’ll be able to implement improvements and extensions I have in mind (e.g. to make use of the whole big building platform).

    Have to say that my Morgan started its first print already, but with a bad gcode-file. Thought it was a fault of my Morgan at first, but had to see my Morgan started to print the rubbish that was in the file – exactly. Lost calibration after that and started to try the z=0-approach to save time (I still don’t use the alpen-drill-z-drive, but have prepared a version with that – photos will follow).

    Greetings from Germany

  2. Built, calibrated once, but suffering from a problem with the x axis movement. (Been swamped with work lately, but have it narrowed down to the ramps board)
    Rondebosch, Cape Town, 7700

  3. Centurion, South Africa
    Working like a charm.
    It’s been working fine since December last year, but recent changes fixed print quality and accuracy issues.

  4. X-y probs due to overheating, bought heatsinks and made fan-cover ( 3d printed 🙂 ) summer vacation will allow me to continue this venture.

    6372ba , Landgraaf, The Netherlands

  5. L Steyn’s Morgan
    328 Leeuwfontein Estates, Roodeplaat, South Africa.
    Fully functioning Morgan happily printing upgrades for itself

  6. Currently in the early stages of mechanical assembly. Ellisras (Lephalale), South Africa

  7. Dave Brindley’s Morgan.
    Johannesburg (Douglasdale) – South Africa.
    Completed and printing.

  8. my name is tammo and i am working on a morgan in 5700 Zell am See Austria, i am almost done. the axes are running just a few screws to tighten and a transportscrew for the extruder on the way… calibration in front of me 😉

  9. Hi guys!
    I’m Marc form Switzerland in Geneva! my Morgan is fully fonctionnal since this summer!
    I’ve got just two problems :
    1. A little bit of vibration juste after changing direction (psi arm have a little bit of mecanical clearance i think)
    2. she’s not doing perfect 90° if I try to do a cube…. and i don’t know how to fix that…. if someone have a solution?!

    1. Hi Marc,

      1 and 2 is related…
      You will have to make a plan to limit the movement of the Psi Shaft. Any small movement will cause the ripples and the non square corners on a cube.

      Other than that I can only suggest making sure the arm lengths are programmed exactly in the firmware.

      Good luck,

      1. Hi Quentin!
        thank’s for you reply! juste to clarify, that’s realy minor the vibration after changing direction (like 0.2mm waves) i should post a picture to show you.
        the thing i can’t explane is why when i print the the calibration Stl in the github package, the angle between X and Y is not exactly 90° but almost 92°…
        i should investigate in the firmware the arm lenght for that you say?

  10. Hey Marc,

    Certainly wouldn’t want to debate with Quentin, since I have yet to get mine working. BUT, might it be related to your max end-stop magnet positions?
    Is hitting “the edge” when it turns the corner?

    1. Hi Steve… More info on that please? The hall effect sensors have very sharp edge transitions when sliding into a magnetic field rather than approaching it head on. This makes it very repeatable. Which edges are you referring to?

  11. Referring to the approach of the edge of the magnetic field, since the field is basically circular.
    Assume if magnets are in wrong spot might make a difference.

  12. The disk magnets are polarised north and south to the faces of the magnets, making the fields resemble small toruses. The switching point for the hall effect is typically in the polarity switch zone, that happens in the one right over the disk. If the magnet is in one of the holes, it will be repeatable.

  13. Considering the “toruses” are doughnuts, is the polarity switch zone in the center of the doughnut ?
    If the holes in the wheels aren’t in the exact “proper” position should the closest be used anyway?

  14. The actual position of the end switches are not important. The repeatability is. Calibration basically tells the machine where the end stops are in relation to the actual bed zero, and works out the angle math accordingly.

  15. I guess I wish I was smart enough to understand those comments.
    I assumed actual magnet position is part of calibration.
    Anyone else confused?

    1. The magnet position is not unimportant. It is just not critical. It must only be in an area of the arm movement that falls off the right side of the print bed when viewed from the front, but not too close to the end of the belt on the wheel. The only reason for that is that you don’t want the printer to miss the end-stops if homed from any position within the print envelope. Other than that the actual position of the magnet is not important at all. You home it, enter the position of home into the config file, and start the calibration. It should start off close.

      I know all of this seems terribly complicated, but it really is not. Morgan is an achievement build, mostly because it is different to the easy to understand cartesian machines. The math running in its heart do all the heavy lifting. I did that for you.

      I hope this answers some of your questions.

  16. Thanks – ‘not important’ is different than ‘not critical’.
    Guess when I go to the larger bed I’ll need to move the magnets.

  17. Lets move this discussion to the forums if any more clarity is required… This is the wrong place for that.

    1. first test prints completed. A few bugs to work out in the slicing. I rebuilt the frame with some nice wooden pieces to stiffen it up. I also made some tweaks to simplify the bed arms and z bracket. I am lucky I have another printer to use for all of my iterations on Morgan.

  18. Gulfview Heights, South Australia

    Completed and working great!  All plastic parts printed on a “repstrap” version of Morgan” that I made using aluminium tubing arms plus drive wheels and bed supports made from MDF.  Only printed part on “repstrap” was the extruder bought on Ebay.

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