Firmware updates

Check your version

To find the current firmware version you can do one of the  following:

  1.  Look at the date of the file FIRMWARE.CUR
    The date is the compile date of the firmware.
  2. In Simplyfy3D’s Machine Control Panel, in the Communication tab or in Pronterface console issue the following command:
    M1000 version

    You should see a line similar to the following: (make sure verbose is ticked)

    Build version: MorganSmoothie-19771eb, Build date: Jun 21 2019 14:12:50, MCU: LPC1769, System Clock: 120MHz

If the command does not work, it means your firmware version is too old and needs to be upgraded.

Additionally look at the name of the probe grid file.  If your grid file is named grid25: please contact support with a zip file containing the following files:


Name it, for instance, “”


The latest firmware version is:

Build version: MorganSmoothie-19771eb, Build date: Jun 13 2021 11:13:50, MCU: LPC1769, System Clock: 120MHz

Use the links below:



Version notes – If your current firmware is dated before Jan 28, 2016:

  1.  Make sure to “safely remove” / eject the Morgan.  Do not remove the USB cable though
  2. After upgrading using the instruction below, please  issue the following commands:
    M143 S0 P270.0000

NB: You need to do this to configure a new safety feature that will protect your hotend against too high temperature.   Failing to do this can cause unintended trigger of the safety reset – and cause a print failure.


NB: Firmware updates at your own risk.  Morgan 3DP takes no responsibility for failed updates or bricked electronics.

Disclaimer aside, it is fairly easy to do. If your current firmware is compatible, do the following:  Please: do not skip any of the steps…

  1. Backup your Morgan files from the MSD (Mass Storage Device – Morgan mounts like a USB memory stick)  to a safe place on your computer.  However unlikely, if something goes wrong you will be very happy you did.
  2. Make sure the Morgan is mains powered as well as plugged into USB
  3. Copy the firmware file into the root of your morgan MSD.
  4. Make sure to “safely remove” / eject the Morgan.  Do not remove the USB cable though
  5. Reset the Morgan at the reset button
  6. When the MSD mounts again, the firmware.bin file should no longer be visible.  It will be renamed to FIRMWARE.CUR.  If not, reset again.
  7. Check and compare the md5sum of the installed firmware
    • M1000 md5sum /sd/FIRMWARE.CUR
    • It should read:
      c387c0c738c0090f1d63e23af7f209ec /sd/firmware.cur
    • Compare the long string with the md5sum as linked in the download section.
  8. Complete the commands listed in the version notes above to complete the upgrade.  This will add the new features to your config files, and save.

Check you system

Depending on the age of your previous firmware some things might have changed the config file.  Check that homing function correctly, and check the extruder direction.  Also check that G32 (Auto level grid) is still working.

If not, you can do one of the following:

  1. Edit the config yourself.  Make a backup of the config file, and change the following:
    • If Extruder direction is reversed, change the following line
      • extruder.hotend.dir_pin 0.22 # Pin for extruder dir signal
      • to
        extruder.hotend.dir_pin 0.22! # Pin for extruder dir signal

        or vice versa (! inverts the direction pin output)

    • If G32 fails with this mesage: No Strategy found to handle G32
      • add the following section below the “Grid25” section
      • leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.enable true
        leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.grid_x_size 9
        leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.grid_y_size 7
        leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.x_size 380
        leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.y_size 220
        leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.probe_offsets 0,0,16.5 # probe offsets x,y,z true
        leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.m_attach true
        leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.mount_position 0,0,150 # probe offsets x,y,z
        leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.initial_height 25
      • Edit the values to match equivalent values in your original leveling settings.

Rolling back an upgrade:

  1. Copy all the files you backed up from you Morgan MSD back onto the Morgan.  If you lost connection and cannot see the Morgan MSD anymore you can remove the SD card from the machine and copy it straight onto the card.
  2. Rename the “FIRMWARE.CUR” file you just copied back to “firmware.bin”
  3. Safely eject the MSD / SDcard and if you removed the card put it back in the machine.
  4. Press the reset button to complete the action.

That’s it!

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