Morgan’s Chinese family

Ryan Altair had to make do with what is available to him, and made a plan!

This morning on the forums:

She prints,the Morgan in Asia prints!!
Even this Morgan is not a original Morgan,sorry that I have to go to school before Aug.29, and my Mendel can’t print something big like the drivewheel. Without other choice, sorry that I have to make some change,after all ,it prints! And I sure, SCARA Morgan deserves the name,Hunt’s the best Reprap machine I ever seen!
Thanks everyone in this builders forum,especially Mr.Quentin. Without your help I can’t make it to this step!
If there is anything I can help,I am on my way to be a volunteer.
Thanks again!

beautiful moring of Aug.26





5 Replies to “Morgan’s Chinese family”

    1. Hi Hoff
      I am sorry that there is no any video you could find,because there is something I can’t figure out that where to update the video, there is something wrong in china that I can’s use any youtube or vimeo to share video like you. But I would keep finding,until I find something works.Anyway,if you want more pic,this website where you can find more. paste on you address block.
      If there is any question,tell me please!Here is the my mailbox
      Your friend

  1. Hi Ryan,
    Good job! I’m a Chinese student too, and I’ve finished my build. Just a invitation, I’m in Beijing now, we can have a meet to share the Reprap experience if time and place are comfortable.
    Awaiting for your reply.

  2. Hi Ryan
    I was wondering what is the approximate gear ration on your printer using the worm drive? And is there much play on the arms?
    Awesome printer by the way

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