Reprap Morgan kits available has now released Reprap Morgan for preorders!

Reprap Morgan Kit ZA

Get yours today!
If you are in Gauteng, I will be presenting free workshops @house for hack Centurion to help you get the most out of your Morgan.


12 Replies to “Reprap Morgan kits available”

    1. Thanks!

      It finally took quite a lot of but-kicking to get the kits out @ a
      price that is reasonable for a new product in South-Africa. In the
      mean time I will work on a auto leveling mechanism for Morgan, that
      should also be useful for Simpson.

  1. $708 American? Isn’t that crazy expensive? Is there a place to order kits in the US? Something closer to $300 maybe?

    1. Yes. It is insanely expensive. Now you see why the Morgan Project was born. Here in South Africa you pay even more than that for an Ecksbot kit (Mendel Prusa clone). This is primarily because the electronic building block cost about 80% (or more) of the kit price.

      My advice would be to get the sources, and get your components locally. You might be able to build one for under $300 even without bulk buying. Also remember that the price to courier from South-Africa will probably be steep…

      There will undoubtedly be US sources of Morgan soon.

      Africa is a tough country.
      Thanks for the interest though!

  2. I think the Morgan could be used for CNC too!
    Imagine 4 Morgans, one at each corner of the board, working on the same job.

    1. It would be a sight to behold! And a sound… It will sound like a swarm of angry bees at speed!

      There are definitely possibilities to use it for CNC tasks. The first set of arms were too weak, but the latest set should be sturdy enough to carry a rotary tool flexible extender toolhead. We could even use two sets of primary arms to make it stronger. The sky is the limit. That combined with the new drive wheels will give professional results on a hacker’s budget.

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