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Endstop problems

Last night I attempted to write an Auto homing routine, but it seems there are more important things to look at first. The current branch of Marlin that I am on at the moment seem to have lost the ability to check the endstops.

I looked into it briefly, but after comparing my branch with original Marlin, I see that it is time to consolidate some changes. I will have to fork Marlin itself and import the kinematics into it in such a way as to have it functional on cartesian systems as well. This is the only hope we have to get it incorporated into Marlin properly.

So, my weekend project awaits…

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New RAMPS built

Last night I completed my second (third…) RAMPS board. It is becoming very easy now, especially since I expanded my SMD toolkit.


The most important additions are possibly the solder paste gun, fresh solder paste, and the liquid flux pen. The solder paste gun works like a caulking gun, except that the trigger is hair fine, with a long lever, allowing you to squeeze the tiniest drops of paste onto the pads. Works a treat!

See my new RAMPS below.


It is populated fully in SMD components, but through-hole stuff was added minimally. I can still add stuff later if required. I tested it, working perfectly so far.

I also had time to do the micro-current hack on my pololu drivers, replacing R4 with a zero-ohm resistor.


Now everything is in place for the big push in the firmware.


    Install RAMPS with at least the basic motor functions
    Complete and test inverse kinematics
    Install limit switches on the theta and phi axis, and write an auto homing routine

Good times!

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This weekend I made quite a bit of progress.


In these images you can see the updated motor holders, the new bed bracket with lead screw, and the power supply roughly in the right spot, ready for the electronics.

What you cannot see, is the new inner shaft of the SCARA drive, that now consists of the threaded rod and a 15mm copper pipe. It turns out that the elasticity of the rod itself is now the weak link in the design… The double shaft successfully dampens and oscillations that were apparent before.

20130203-163917.jpg 20130203-163900.jpg

Bed leveling, and hotbed. Building of RAMPS for morgan ( my current RAMPS is doing Ecksbot duty ), and the upgrade and mounting of the extruder.

Watch this space!

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Frame upgraded

The upgrade went well, and the frame is as stable as I hoped for.


The z-axis drive mechanism is the next to get an overhaul. The treaded rod did not perform as well as could be expected, and some way to stabilize the build table is also on the table…


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