2013 Morgan epilogue

2013 has been a great year. It saw the birth and maturity of Morgan, and the beginnings of a great forum of hackers pulling together in the builders section.

It also saw the Uplift interim prize awarded to Morgan

December has been unusually busy both in my day-job and developments around a space for Morgan at H4H.

January I will have some time to catch up with Morgan development and printed parts manufacturing.

Thanks for your interest… Without you this would probably still have been another one of my crazy projects filed away in my shelf.


Updated standard Morgan Slic3r print profiles

I have just committed a new set of slic3r settings to the calibration folder of the Morgan Git repository.

It is compatible with bleeding edge slic3r (0.9.11-dev) and should give any user a good platform for experimentation.
I am using it in my growing Morgan farm to make parts for the kits.

If you have variations on these that delivers particularly good results, please share!

Morgan @ Makerfaire NY

Frank Avery built a Morgan and brought it along to Nicholas Seward’s table (ConceptForge) at World Makerfaire NYC 2013


Here you can see Chris Lau with 3DPrintMi an the Left, Nicholas Seward with RepRap Simpson on the Right, and my small digital mug on Nicholas’ smartphone with Frank’s Morgan.

What a collection!

Black box industries

Unfortunately it is not often enough that one get great service in South Africa, especially not from the technology sector.

Today I was surprised…

Black box industries not only undercut the pricing on their DRV8825 based “Coolsteps 2” stepper drivers, but modified them for fast decay for me, and supplied heat sinks as well for the same low price!

You can contact them at info and the domain in the link above. At time of writing the page is not up yet, but I am sure they will find a good reason to do so soon!

Additionally, they are bringing out an updated version of the driver on my request – there will be a solder jumper on the bottom of the board that will activate fast decay with only a tiny drop of solder.

The boards below has been modified… Spot the fix (if you can)!


Lilian Morgan

TH Morgan is now out and working. What to do…

Thomas needs a wife… Lilian Vaughan Morgan was the real life spouse of TH Morgan, and as it turns out, was a geneticist in her own right.

What would you like in Lilian? I have my own ideas… like to hear yours!

Lilian needs to be an ever cleaner, simpler version of Morgan – with more than one print head. Real life Lilian was a geneticist as well as a mother, and managed her famous husband’s affairs so that he could focus only on his work. Our Lilian is a real multitasker!

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