Simplify your Morgan printing

Getting great prints from your Morgan has always been easy.  You just had to install the software, load the correct profile from the files we provide on the Morgan support page, and you are good to go.

Now it is even easier…

Morgan 3D has recently added Simplify3D as the bundled software on all Morgan Pro and Mega sales.  Included at no extra cost!


More on Simplify3D here

We have also been approved as local resale agents, making safe payment options like EFT possible when you want to purchase the software only.

3 Replies to “Simplify your Morgan printing”

    1. As with all 3D printers, speed is a function of quality.

      Morgan can reach extremely high speeds in movement alone due to the very light weight arms and the way the motors are positioned.

      Will the extruded plastic will still stick to the bed at that speed? Almost definitely not. Even if you put a high flow nozzle on the machine you will be limited by how fast you can push filament out of the nozzle.

      I will do a couple of speed tests in the next week, and will let you know what I find, but that said, I typically print at a speed of only 3600mm/min to get very high quality prints

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