Morgan 2 3D Printers

It is with great excitement that we can finally announce the coming of the second generation of professional Morgan 3D printers: Morgan 2.

Morgan 2 3d printersIMG_2371 IMG_2372 Made in House4Hack

Morgan 2 builds on every Morgan design that come before it.

Some of the notable features include:

  • Two main models: Pro and Mega
  • Super Easy for beginners!  Simplify3D license included in the purchase price, making you print like a pro from the word go.
  • New carbon composite arms – superlight and sturdy.  The new construction looks professional while performing like no Morgan before it.  Printing is fast,  precise and aligned properly.  Arm segments are built at exactly the same lengths using CNC machined jigs.
  • New frames in Stainless steel, aluminium and molded Polyurethane components are durable and rigid, ensuring the best possible stability during operation – translating to highest quality prints – at a much faster rate than previously possible on a MorganMorgan Pro 2 printing
  • 32bit Arm processor controller board takes care of the inverse kinematics of the robotic printing arms, ensuring smooth and precise movements without running into the limits of the computing power of the system
  • “Out of the Box” printing – the print dimensions are much larger than other machines with similar footprints and price points – 380mm x 220mm x 200mm (Pro) and 730mm x 470mm x 600mm (Mega)
  • Extremely low maintenance design with high dust tolerance – made for African conditions.
  • Back-up battery capable power supplies allows uninterrupted printing. (optional)
  • Professional Printing at a very competitive price
  • Proudly manufactured in South Africa

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19 Replies to “Morgan 2 3D Printers”

  1. Great Printer …
    will you be making the source files of Morgan Pro and Morgan 2 available.

    1. The sources for the Lilian Morgan is already available. We just need to create a build instruction for it.


      1. Great, if the source files have already published, please let me know the location……. build instructions can follow later.

        If not published so far, I will wait eagerly for the files.


      2. hi great design building one at present
        what Z do you use I have the Aspen and nut but so much play
        is it ok ? or what other solution ? what about a standard 8mm threaded rod ??? it should be acurate enough only slow to go back to 0

          1. thanks ! i have made all the fittings for new Lilian arms
            what is the distance centre to centre ???
            i see you increased the diameter of bearings. i have to redesign the plate supports your stl was very bad, do you want my corrected file ?
            i have printed a 100 mm tube 30 mm diam for each arm
            looks great the hotend holder is also to be redesigned for E3D ..having great fun

          2. Distance centre to centre can be any thing… default is 150mm

            What was wrong with the STL files?

            The holder was designed for E3D.

  2. thanks great design for arms the biiger diameter provides more stability.
    All STL are ok beside one – the bed mount x2
    I check all stl’s with special repair software like Magics or Netfaab
    this STL file shows many mistakes and will not print as smoothly
    see its free Magics is not
    I can send you screen shot report of this STL
    do you generate stl from Inventor ?
    Smoothie board invoice what about Speedy board did you try ?

    1. sorry you are right I was holding the fitting upside down for E3D
      just getting older ……
      having great fun Morgan nearly finished just to install motor and electronics RAMPS for time been….
      Lilian next…..

  3. Loaded Morgan marlin software into arduino/ramps
    Need to get third motor .9 step. And get wiring done. Motors come with no connectors. Got exctruder Bowden version. Need to built hot plate. Got thermistor and prusa mat. Vendalise an old Bell PC to get PSU. Need to box the arduino/ramps so it looks neat. Especially the LCD display. Got something on display
    Have to study more. What to do next. Printers looks great in white and blue.

  4. Shah getting there. LCD displays. Morgan ready
    Could scroll through all menu option s
    Just need to connect steppers
    Cannot wait. But still need to order two .9 steppers and leads

  5. Ok nearly there. waiting for the hall effects switches.
    Anyone can help me how to set the wheels and at what position should the belt enter them…if you understand what I mean….

  6. Got the hall effect devices with magnets. No clue how to connw t them. Will have to go back to school. He. My ,organ is ready to print. Now it will be calibration ….thanks for noone helping but its a great learning curve at 66……

    1. The origin is in the back right corner is you view it from the front – the corner of the bed closest to the home position.
      X+ and Y+ is away from this point into the bed of the machine.

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