A new chapter for Morgan

Back to its Roots

Morgan has gone through a lot of changes in the last years, and this last change is bringing it full circle back to the beginning. We are closing down the commercial side of Morgan. As many great 3D printer companies before us, the competition with the more efficient manufacturers left us in the dust. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to serve you and I still will, but in a different way

To all current Morgan Owners, do not fear. I have made arrangements with a local 3D service company to look after you when you need technical help:


Morgan will again completely open sourced, and any of the future developments I make will be available on the Morgan github going forward:


I am moving and will not have access to a workshop for quite some time. See you on the other side!

Quentin Harley

Prototype in Metal

To prototype in metal is in many cases the reason why designers, inventors and engineers hold off on buying a 3d printer, and in most cases, indefinitely. Metal printers are due to the technology employed incredibly expensive. Besides that they can be messy and hard to keep running. What if metal protoyping is within your reach, for a fraction of the cost?

Making metal components from wax masters is a method that endured since the dawn of history. There are two main techniques available to Morgan Owners, one of which we tried recently:

  • Lost investment casing
  • Lost wax (PLA) sand casting

We will do a full writeup on the process, and advantages and disadvantages of each process soon. 

Happy prototyping!


RAPDASA 2016 is here, and Morgan 3D Printers are here and ready to participate.  The annual conference brings together all the serious players in the local additive manufacturing landscape, and looks at ways to promote the technology in the South African economy.

This year the event is at the Science and Technology center of the Vaal University of Technology, Vereeninging.

You can find us at Stand 10

2016-11-02-09-13-46 2016-11-02-09-13-35

Morgan 3D printers at Decorex 2016 Jo’burg

Morgan 3D Printers will be at the Decorex 2016 show at Gallagher estate from 5 to 9 August 2016.


We are teaming up with the Makers collective at the Makers Corner stand.  Come and see our machines, and some demos of us making stuff.  Our focus will be to do practical example sessions of how you could use a 3D printer in a workshop to make your workflow more efficient, especially is you want to develop new items, or create custom pieces.  Custom is very sought after in the decor market.

Decorex 2016
The Morgan 3D Printers stand at the Maker’s Corner in the link between hall 2 and 3, Galagher Estate

We have our latest Morgan Pro 2 machines at the stand, and the Morgan Mega for your viewing pleasure.

Also come and see the other makers at work, and Hans Fouche’s Cheeta printer if you did not see it before.

We will have some specials at the stand.  Come and pre-order your Morgan at great show discounts when our visit our stand…

See you at the Maker’s Corner!


Meet June’s Competition Winner

Morgan 3D Printers wants you – yes you, who think that you cannot become part of the 3D printing wave that is sweeping the world – to become part of the awesome world of realising ideas and a competition winner…

To show you how easy it is, and how much fun it is, Morgan 3D is running a monthly competition where you are challenged to submit a cool design. The best design, judged on viability, talk-ability and ingenuity is then printed for free and presented to the clever winner.

The cool thing is that it does not need to be your own idea or own design. 3D printing is something anybody can get into because there are many designs on the internet that you as a beginner may go and download and use. And that is exactly what our June winner did…


Simone Goosen.

Competition winner Simone Goosen receives her prize from Quentin Harley
Simone Goosen receives her prize from Quentin Harley

Quentin selected this design as the wining idea because it gave him an opportunity to showcase the versatility of his printers working with flexible filament as well as the usual sturdy PLA. The tyres of the car is actually a quite a lot softer than the body and this approach allows for complex prototyping as well as interesting niche products with your Morgan 3D printer.

Simone downloaded the Jacob Stanton file from thingiverse

Wanna download a print-ready file? Go to a site like thingiverse...
Wanna download a print-ready file? Go to a site like thingiverse…




Start here

If you want to find out what 3D printing is all about read this article where Quentin Harley speaks about ideas, Terry Pratchett and 3D printing – https://www.morgan3dp.com/in-the-business-of-ideas/


If you want to get start designing your ideas have a look at this page for some free tools – http://3dprintingforbeginners.com/software-tools/ .  There are also some cool apps you can try –http://www.123dapp.com/apps-for-3d-printing

You don’t have to be a technical person or serious designer to get into 3D printing, you could even try going the artistic route with Sculptris – http://pixologic.com/sculptris/

Sculpture made with Sculptris
Sculpture made with Sculptris

If you want to start printing but can’t use the software yet find an exciting project here –


If you still need more inspiration come and speak to Quentin at Morgan 3D Printers at the House4Hack in Centurion.


This is how you enter our competition:

  • Design something or download a file from thingiverse
  • Save your idea in either a .stl or .obj file format
  • Send it to michael@morgan3dp.com with a JPEG of your file
  • On the last Monday of the month we will pick the competition winner and we will print the winner’s design on the last Tuesday of the month.



We are looking forward to helping you unleash your creative potential with a tool

to bring your ideas to life… Go ahead, send us your idea.

Happy #3DPrintingDay

3 December: , and CAD-house invited us all to bring our stuff to their new offices in Midrand.


We printed one of Sonia Verdu‘s creations for the REPDASA conference…


And decided that the 3D printing day exhibition  was the perfect opportunity to introduce him to Cad-house’s Robotica, also designed by Sonia

2015-12-03 17.32.39 2015-12-03 18.11.07 HDR

They seem to get along very well!

A Big thanks to CAD-House for arranging the event, and to all the friendly people exibiting their stuff.

More pictures at HTXT’s coverage of the event.


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