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Our new Virtual home:

Spring is in the air in the southern hemisphere and it is time for change!  After a long battle over resources and services we decided that it is time to let the old “harleystudio” domain go, and get our own.

Update your links:   See you there!

Now we can get back to do we do best… make 3D machines.


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This is the story of Tiny, a custom Morgan 3d printer that was commissioned by Makkinktech, an agricultural engineering innovation company.  It has a 1 x 1 x 0.5 m build size for the prototype development of a revolutionary low impact implement that promises to improve grain production costs dramatically.

It all started a couple of months ago in the small Morgan workshop at House4hack in Centurion.

We scaled everything up, and realized that just scaling it wouldn’t cut the mustard…  At that time we made the arms of the Morgan machines out of Plexiglass in order to capitalize on the fast speeds of our laser cutter. It proved much too heavy and too flexible for any hope of reliable printing. It became necessary to dust off an old idea from the Lillian concept drawings. Tubular carbon fibre arms.


 This was the start of a line of R&D that brought you the Morgan2 product line. We replaced printing with polyurethane cast components that improved production speed with the same technical qualities as injection molded ABS. Needless to say, printing quality increased and reliability improved. Win-win all round.

Delivery day Saturday 15 August went without too much problems. Because of the unique frame construction the custom with its 1m squared printing platform fits through a standard door without disassembly. The bed clips off and away you go.

We hope our tiny custom has a wonderful time in it’s new home at the mechanical workshops of the Northwest University in Potchefstroom.

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Simplify your Morgan printing

Getting great prints from your Morgan has always been easy.  You just had to install the software, load the correct profile from the files we provide on the Morgan support page, and you are good to go.

Now it is even easier…

Morgan 3D has recently added Simplify3D as the bundled software on all Morgan Pro and Mega sales.  Included at no extra cost!


More on Simplify3D here

We have also been approved as local resale agents, making safe payment options like EFT possible when you want to purchase the software only.

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Pro making Mega

One of our Morgan Pro workhorses putting together the largest printed piece of a Mega machine.  One of the advantages of Morgan is it’s ability to print outside the box… Giving it the capability to print this 33cm long part. 

Nice to have reliable machines doing your bidding…


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Morgan Mega Prints

Our first Mega is printing using the 1mm interchangeable nozzle.

It stands 110cm high, and has a rectangular 400×600 print bed as per order.  It has 600mm Z capability.

This machine is build for a customer that wants to build big strong pieces, at shorter build times, and opted for a 1mm and 0.4mm heads to also be able to print high resolution parts if required.

So good when R&D pays off.

These gargantuan Morgans will be for sale to be built on order.  Please enquire on the Contact page.

Half Moon shaped printbeds will also be available for these.

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On a journey around the sun

I have had some messages alerting me to some strange happenings on the Morgan site.

My hosting provider had to move my site to a different server today…
You should see an performance improvement

If not, let me know!


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Due to the number of RSVP’s, the Robobeast launch has moved to the Elardus Park Primary School, 548 Alberton Street, Elardus Park.,+548+Alberton+Street,+Elardus+Park&ie=UTF8&hq=Elardus+Park+Primary+School,+548+Alberton+Street,+Elardus+Park&hnear=&radius=15000&t=m&z=17&vpsrc=0&iwloc=A&cid=17863252171873610338

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Ever so slightly off topic on the Morgan blog… One of my fellow House4hackers will be leaving soon, and has a large collection of tools, gadgets, hacks, printing equipment (printing press stuff) etc. that he would like to land in good homes before the metal recyclers have a go at it. I am going to get some stuff there for sure, but there are a lot of good toys to be had…

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