I have a couple of extra RAMPS 1.4 boards on my hands.  I decided to make a couple more in order to bring unit cost down, and I can share with anyone interested for about R150 each.

These are very well made double sided surface mount boards, and will save you the tooling cost normally associated with a small board run.

I only have a few to share, so if interested leave a comment here.  You do not have to leave your email address in the massage body (think spammers…) I can get it from the email address you enter in its own field when you post.

Hope this helps somebody getting started as well!

NB: These are the BARE boards, nothing component wise on it yet.  I am waiting for a couple of caps from RS for the build. and it it goes well I may have a couple built up that I could sell as well.  Just need to fill my needs first 😉

22 Replies to “Extra RAMPS”

    1. Would you want the bare RAMPS or completed? I am going to make some this weekend. Just haven’t worked out the total cost yet…

    1. Hi Mohamed,

      You will have to wait a while, but I should be able to help. Real job is interfering a bit at the moment.


      1. Thank you, I am not in a hurry so when you do have something available please get back to me or maybe i can get a bare board from you and try something on my own?

  1. If you still do the boards I would be interested in future.

    On a side question why did you go with ramps instead of the gen7 electronics?

    1. I still have quite a couple of blank boards if you feel adventurous… I do not have the time to build them up – In fact, I still need to build myself another one some time!

      Why Ramps? Options.
      It gives you all the options you might want, including the option to run Marlin firmware (which is currently not compatible to Gen7 as far as I know) Of all the electronics out there at the time of my choice, it seemed the most stable, and also with sufficient evolution to ensure that the end product would just work. Ramps 1.4 did not disappoint.

      If you want a board, let me know

  2. Hi i am looking for Ramps 1.4 i want to build a Rostock can you advice me where to get it i am in Randfontein electronics around here are very hard to get thanx Roger

    1. Hi Roger,

      I had exactly the same problem when I started out. In the mean time more options became available. You could get a blank ramps from me, the rest from RS and build it yourself. Advanced but satisfying. Surface mount soldering required though…

      The guys at House for Hack also had some Sanguino boards made up, that should be a lot easier to put together.

      I am going to build another ramps soon, for Morgan. I may make a couple extra, and will let you guys know if i can spare them, and at which price.


    1. I only have enough for my current builds at the moment, but soon we are going to make quite a lot of them… There will also be assembled RAMPS available soon.
      Check back around mid April if you still need RAMPS by then.

    1. Hi Gerhard,

      I do not have right at this moment, but soon I will have to make quite a couple for a 3D printer course. I should have some assembled boards then.

      1. Hi Quentin , when and where will the 3D printer course be held?
        and when do you start taking bookings?


        1. The courses will be held at the h4h clubs. Bookings will open as soon as I finalise the BOM and line up the suppliers. We need to know what it will cost…

          I will make sure we make different kit levels, depending on your sense of adventure, and budget.


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