What’s in a name?

Thomas Hunt Morgan did using fruit flies what Gregor Mendel started forty years prior on peas.

My design (or my initial ideas) are loosely based of the current Mendels, but will eventually bear little resemblance to its muse.  The idea is to make the design Mendel printable… though it might be a (very) tight fit.

Morgan will be at least 90% printed volume, at least 3 material, automatic unloading with a build area exceeding the 300x300x100 Gada spec.  But it will be a while before we get into that.  Morgan will have to be printed.

2 Replies to “Morgan?”

  1. How is this build going? Am I correct, you are building a 3D Printer based on the RapRap Mendel?

    I would like to follow this process very closely if you do not mind.

    1. You are welcome.

      The build is (will be that is … ) based on everything that has come before… a cross-over between the older Darwin / RepMan style configuration, and the newer Mendels. Obviously my main target will be high print quality, and low cost.

      I attempted to move my blog into the RepRap blogs, but unsuccessfully it seems. I think I should move the blog back here where I can control it more closely. Other info here:

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