Form follows function, or does it?

Something that is very noticeable with all the current reprap and open source 3D prototypers, is that they look very steam-punk.  There are open wires, switches, boards, gears etc. all over the show, with little or no attempts made to conceal the sensitive bits. DIY 3D machines are, for lack of a better analogy, stark naked.  Inside out insects.  Starwars intergalactic fighters with special safe entrances for getting to the power core (to blow it up, and get out unscathed of course)

RepRap, and other “low cost” 3D suppliers can take a lot of pointers from the big players. Make your functional bits in such a way that it protects the sensitive bits.  Sure, it will now make your precious (and complicated) 3D printer look boring, and not anything as complicated as you would like people to think it is.  Just maybe it will now be a little less daunting to use.

We need to make our RepRaps easy to make, easy to use and affordable.  Only then can we even hope that it will take off like it should.

2 Replies to “Form follows function, or does it?”

    1. Yes it is neat. I very much like the concept, if only it was able to print the steel frame for itself 😉

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