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Easy colour 3D printing with single head

Just because you don’t have multiple print heads, it does not mean that colour 3D printing is out of reach.

I made this as a cake topper for a themed children’s party… Can you guess the theme?  Of course you can!

Morgan 3D Printer colour print
Completed Print done on a Singe head Morgan Pro

This logo was printed in four layers,

  1. Black base
  2. Thin white layer for the ghost’s lower body
  3. Red for the not allowed sign
  4. Thick white layer for the Head and hands
Morgan 3D Printer colour print
Starting the first white layer
Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “Easy colour 3D printing with single head

  1. HI there

    How do you know when to switch colours ?

    1. I planned the heights of the individual colours so that there are at least 2 or 3 layers per colour. Armed with that information, and the layer height, I know at which layer to change the colour. When the layer starts you don’t have to be precise, just pause, change and resume.

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