Morgan Pro 3 released

Morgan Pro3 Product image
Morgan Pro 3

Morgan Pro 3 released after the first commercial model was completed for a preorder client this week.
Our machines have improved so much since the first morgan started printing:

Some of the improvements over the Pro2 include:

  • Single-arm robotic actuator. The new arm is lighter and cleaner, allowing much faster movement without the machine shuddering
  • Completely enclosed electronics bin to keep your fingers safe and protect the brains and brawn of the machine.
  • Stainless steel plate work gives the new machine a sleek minimalist look
  • Control interface built into the base allows easy intuitive operation.
  • Extruder now mounted on the arm allows for much shortened Bowden feed tube. This allows the use of previously tricky materials to be used with much more ease
  • Many technical improvements building on our years of experience building and maintaining the previous generations of Morgan printers
  • We are not Simplify3D resellers any more due to restrictive reseller agreements from the company. We have decided to give you, the customer, a choice in the 3D slicer you would like to use, and pay the savings forward to you. Open source slicers have improved with leaps and bounds, and we are working to include a number of good printing profiles for Slic3r and Cura. That said, S3D is easy to use with good results.

We are slowly ramping up production of the new machines. Please contact us via email for orders and information:

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