Brave new Slic3r for a brave new machine

In the video above you can see the latest slic3r doing it’s bit to ensure high quality printing on my bowden cable printer.  Retractions are limited to the absolute minimum,  ooze is wiped on the infill parts of the print, and it tries its best to prevent crossing perimeters.  It is not done yet, but the results are phenomenal.

I’ll post some proper photos when done.

Redesigned SCARA arms on the bed will make calibration easier and more repeatable.  It is supposed to be easy, not tricky, and this will ensure that.

3 Replies to “Brave new Slic3r for a brave new machine”

  1. Super cool design. Been thinking robot would be good for 3d, expand the build area.
    I am sure I’m not the first to ask – are you going to make documentation?
    I’d love to build another.
    Have you considered selling? Love to help there too. If your interested let’s open a dialogue. Again great job.

    1. Documentation will be Photo-doc style at first. Putting together a complete set of parts in order to do just that.

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