Morgan 3D print gallery

Morgan 3D print gallery

Many of you may have wondered where the 3D print gallery for Morgan prints were. South Africans are inherently camera shy, and we should change this, for the better.

You spoke, and we listened.  We have hundreds of photos of the stuff we printed over the years… yet we failed to share most of it.  You know how it is.  You print something incredible, quickly snap it on a mobile phone, and let it go.  Here is an example:

Morgan 3d print gallery now open!
Sonia Verdu’s Braq dragon keeping watch over the Morgan print room at H4H

3D Print Gallery

I am working through all the photos, and will post some of the best ones in our new 3d print gallery in due course.  Our 3D machines are built to last.  Come and see what we are doing!

Morgan Gallery

If you have suggestions of prints we should do for demo purposes, make contact, and we try to make it happen and add it to our 3d print gallery   We are always busy working on improvements to our processes, and this we will always share with our fans and customers.

We have registered ourselves on 3D hubs, and we kept our printing fees low in order to give you a chance to sample a Morgan today:

Customers, if you have great print you would like to share with us, make contact, and we will make sure you get a mention in the 3d print gallery for your skills!

Remember that we are running a Free 3D print promotion. Submit an idea or stl, and if you win, collect it at House4Hack!  While you are there, come and see all the crazy people that makes this legendary makerspace what it is.  I am available every Tuesday night at the club meet in Centurion.

South African 3D Printers at work. Morgan 3D printers come with Simplify3D software that will ensure you hit the mark much quicker.

Happy Printing,


How to get involved in 3D Printing

It is easy to get involved in the exciting world of 3D printing. The internet is full of free resources, training videos and interesting things to get you going. All you need to do is take that that first step and have an idea. Come to think of it,  you can even skip the idea part and print someone else’s ideas until you have the confidence to make your own ideas come to life.


COMPETITION – Get your 3D model printed for Free

Morgan 3D Printers want you to dip your toe into our world and experience the excitement of 3D printing. It is because of this that we are running a monthly competition, open to everyone, where one lucky person will have the opportunity to have their idea printed for free, every month.

This is how it works:

  • Save your idea (or someone else’s) in either a .stl or .obj file format
  • Send it to with a JPEG of your model
  • On the last Monday of the month we will pick the winner and we will print the winner’s design on the last Tuesday of the month.

3d printing for free

3D printing starts here:

If you want to find out what 3D printing is all about, read this article where Quentin Harley speaks about the business of ideas, Terry Pratchett and 3D printing –

3d printing

If you want to get start designing your ideas have a look at this page for some free tools – .  There are also some cool apps you can try –

You don’t have to be a technical person or serious designer to get into 3D printing, you could even try going the artistic route with Sculptris –

3d printing Sculpture made with Sculptris
A sculpture made using Sculptris

If you want to start printing but can’t use the software yet find an exciting project here –

There are many .stl files for 3d printing available on the net.
There are many .stl files available on the net.

If you need some guidance you can see what the nerds have to say on YouTube –


If you still need more inspiration come and speak to Quentin at Morgan 3D Printers at the House4Hack in Centurion.


Quentin Harley is at the House4Hack on Tuesdays ready to inspire you... come and join him in 3d printing
Quentin Harley is at the House4Hack on Tuesdays ready to inspire you… come and join him.

We are looking forward to helping you unleash your creative potential with a tool to bring your ideas to life.

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