Peace in the home

Printed Herringbone gears for the Wades style eckstruder currently doing service on Morgan
Peace and Quiet

I upgraded to a wades style extruder in order to get rid of noise and to up the extrusion speed – My mostly wooden Wades has a much too high gear ratio.  The only problem – the gears it was designed with is extremely noisy, especially at the 8mm retraction I need on the Bowden to limit the ooze.

After completing tuning, this is what I made first.  The difference in both noise levels and extruder operation is noticeable.

Printed gears looking good
Printed gears looking good

Print quality is also starting to look very good.  I will publish the Slic3r settings used when I am done tweaking, in order to give future Morgan operators a smooth start.

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