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    well that setup file was already loaded in Cura.

    since I suspected that the Z motor was spinning in the wrong way I expected that inverting Z direction putting a “-” on each instance using a code editor could work…

    but it didn’t indeed..

    although i’m using a standard threaded bar (8mm) the step value looks to be ok, it moves exactly 1mm or 10 jogging with buttons.

    my only modifications to the code are about the maximum Z feedrate: 6mm/s otherwise the motor hangs and gets stuck.

    speed movements in Cura are set to 6 for all the axis for this reason, that’s quite annoying cos when the hotend moves on already printed parts tends to melt them again.

    at this point I guess this could be related to the moving problem.
    as I see that many people posted videos of simlar working setups I’m sharing mine hoping into an enlighting advice.

    my setup for Z axis is:

    DRV8825 DIV:1
    Zstep: 147
    8mm threded bar coupled with the mount included in the parts folder.
    max feedrate: 6mm/s

    thanks all 🙂

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)