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      Dr K

      First I would like to say great Job! I’ve been wanting to build my own 3d printer for a while and I think this is going to be the one.

      Before I started ordering parts, I wanted to get a feel for how to put everything together, so I’m doing a virtual build in Sketchup.

      Of course I’ll post it once it’s done, and am looking forward to seeing what some others can do with a virtual model as well.

      my question right now is the 6805 bearing for the top of the 22mm pipe, am I just missing it on the BOM or was it supposed to be a 608. I don’t see how the 608 would fit but I just wanted to make sure.

      Other than that I should have the model done by the end of today. I’ll post a link as soon as I get it done.

      looking forward to putting a real one together

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      Cool, I look forward to seeing it.

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      6805 bearings are used for the top of the 22mm pipe and for the tool head.


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      Quentin Harley

      Thanks. I think it will be great for you to visualise everything before you start.

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      I would love to see somebody put together something like this for the Morgan, should be easier seeing as the part count is lower:

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      Dr K

      I’m back, it’s taking a bit longer than I hoped, some things came up that took my attention away. I’ve got a few more questions.
      1: when you are referring to the right vs left is that looking at the front ( the arms are pointing towards me) or at the back ( arms pointing away from me. Another way to say it would be, are the slots on the sides of the arms both facing each other (the middle) or facing out.

      The second question is about the z mount bracket. Is the STL file for the 12mm or 8mm build. I see 2 zbrackets and one is labeled for the 12mm version but is the other supposed to be for the 8mm build. when I import it doesn’t line up with the 2 outer rods.


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      Dr K

      OK it should be uploading now. The model is not done yet but I thought if some people have some time over the weekend and want to mess with their own version, no point in reinventing the wheel. It’s tagged as RepRap, Morgan, 3d, Quentin Harley.

      On a funny note, I just found the front page of this site, for some reason I had the about morgan page linked and so never got the the main page. I’m going to start reading that, I think there’s a bunch there that will be helpful 🙂

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      Quentin Harley

      do you have a link?

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      I emailed Carlos Sanchez, the creator of the

      the model was assembled with 3ds max, using STL models downloaded from official repositories for the printed parts, and modeling some other stuff (screws, bearings…).
      Once the complete 3D model is complete, it has been imported into Unity ( Unity is a realtime 3d rendering engine that allows to implement simulations and to deploy them to several platforms (web player, standalone applications for Windows, Mac and Linux, iOS, android and consoles).
      All part animations and camera transitions have been created by programming different behaviors, so no manual animation is required. This way, changing the order of appearance or modifying the simulation is immediate.
      If you have knowledge on C# programming and 3d simulations, what I did for this particular application is not really hard to do (it only took me a couple of days to create the complete project).

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      Dr K
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        Nice one doctor K! If ever you get around to finishing that sketchup model you must definitely upload it. It’s very helpful to have a digital model to pan around to completely understand how all the parts are meant to fit together.

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      I’m doing my own virtual build in parallel to my real build using Autodesc Inventor.

      The actual progress is published in the RepRap Wiki:
      Along with some notes I publish all Inventor-files over there as well. The actual Inventor-model contains realistic movement capabilties to enable future simulations and movies.

      Findings in my project (e.g. corrected platform-holes) go into my extended RepRap Morgan BOM in the Wiki:

      You’ll find screenshots (png), tehcnical drawings (pdf), Inventor files (ipt, iam) and STL-files of all Morgan parts.

      Any comment, contribution or tips are welcome.

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      Nice work Robert!

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      Great job on Reprap! It will enlarge folks of Morgan!

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      The only part that still misses in the virtual model is the hotend. I’m not sure if I will add that to the model (others can do that work as well 😉 ).
      I’ll not add the electronics or the extruder to the virtual Morgan, because these parts are not so important to understand Morgan.

      Of course, if there are dedicated wishes for additional parts in the model, I’ll see what I can do. So just let me know.

      And thanks for the title ;), I’m feeling honored.

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