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      This thread isn’t as much as request but a place for people to post sources as well as alternative suggestions for those of us in the U.S. and the like.

      To start it off.

      Lead Screw

      The BOM lists an SDS bit which is not available here in the US. The 4x profile of the Alpen bit is just an internal spiral to help the removal of material when drilling masonry. Any 8mm 450/400 mm usable length SDS drill bit should serve the same purpose. The main profile of every bit I’ve seen is dual fluted which is all that you need to use the bit as a lead screw. I’d venture to guess you could even get away with a 5/16th inch SDS bit.

      5/16 = 0.3125″
      8mm = 0.315″

      However, there are cheap 4x bit alternatives. Bosch and MANY other companies have a commonly named SDS Plus line of bits that have the 4x profile.

      The Bosch Model # HC2055 Bulldog SDS Plus 5/16 in. x 16 in. x 18 in. Masonry Bit would probably work great.

      450mm = 17.7165 inches
      400mm = 15.748 inches

      That bit is 18 x 16 inches and has the 4 X Profile.

      Cost is $10-15 US Dollars

      22mm and 15mm Pipes

      I’ll post more info later today. But for now, just search for 22/15mm stainless steel tubing. It’s pretty common and easily found on eBay. Another option is carbon fiber tubes which can be found with a similar search on eBay. Supposedly 9 times the strength of steel. Commonly sold as a quadcopter part. Either way you go you’re talking $10-15 at the most.

      I will get some links and follow up. But as far as I know that’s really the hard to find parts here in the US. Although there is no source for printed parts here if you don’t already own a 3d printer. Fortunately I do and nearly have them all printed out. I will try to post pictures of the assembly and kind of do a build log once I get the rest of the parts ordered.

      Does anyone have any info on what exactly I need for

      hard spring (idler compression) 7mm 1
      8mm soft spring (lead screw anti backlash)

      Thanks in advance.

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      Quentin Harley

      The anti backlash spring should go over your lead-screw between the two nuts on it. This prevents unwanted movement. The spring should not be too tight.

      The idler spring needs to be tighter.

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        Quentin, I am from the US obviously, I have tried numerous times over the past month to contact the robobeast about trying to purchase a printer. I have no got any response at all. While I am about to build a Morgan, I also would like to purchase one of your printers. Assembled or in kit form. Is there ANY chance I could purchase the parts through you and pay for shipping tot he USA? It’s a birthday present for my father so I’d really like to make this happen. If you could let me know if this is possible or not possible, I’d like to know either way. I really like the work you’ve done on your design.

        Thank you for your time.

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      Quentin Harley

      Hi Atomist. You should have received my mail by now.

      Thank you for your support… we’ll make a plan!

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      I’m in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. I think the tubing issue is easier than we have been thinking. Copper plumbing pipe will meet our needs, and is easy to get almost anywhere.

      My hands-on research shows that hard copper tubing, nominal 3/4 inch, has an OD of 22mm. Either Type L or type M will work, the only thing that matters on this tube is the OD.

      Also, nominal 1/2″ Type L (blue lettering) will work fine, it holds the hex nut firmly. Type M (red lettering) is too thin – the nut slides loosely into the tube.

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