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      Hi! I’m setting off on the journey of building a Morgan, and I’m trying to get put together a BOM. (Tried to access one on, but that seems to be unresponsive today.)

      The assembly PDFs for the arms are clear enough, but the one for the structure is in Affrikans, no surprise. Reprap_Morgan_Hardware.PDF. Could I get the respective part names in English? (Just a list of names would suffice.)

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      Quentin Harley

      Hi MacMarty

      That List is on Robert Kuhlmann’s page, and is in German. Cannot change that.

      You can find a BOM in the Reprapmagazine article, and in the assembly page on this site:

      Reprap Morgan assembly instructions

      Hope it helps!

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      Thanks, Quentin. Those pointers helped a lot, and the illustrations in the RepRapMagazine article help VERY GREATLY.

      …. but leads to more questions. 🙂

      1) The article specifies two types of NEMA17 stepper motors, “200 step” and “400 step”. It’s easy for me to imagine that two of ONE type are used to drive the Psi / Theta shafts, and presumably the SECOND type are used for Z and the Extruder. Can you please recommend the TORQUE specifications for each position on the printer?

      2) I am a foolish American, so I want to wrestle with the “15mm copper tubing” issue again. Can you please tell me the -actual- ID/OD for the tubing you are using? Wikipedia has a lot to say, suggesting that our nominal 1/2″ type L or type M copper tubing might apply, being 15.875mm OD

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      Quentin Harley

      1) You are welcome to use 4x 400 step motors. Since the price for 200 vs 400 step motors have become the same, I only use that one type in my machines.

      I typically use one of these motors:

      normally depending on what I can get my hands on.

      2) There are no “foolish Americans” – just ones that lack a feel for the approximate size of the metric system. I can relate to that, in that I feel a bit lost when reading instructions based on SAE. Don’t get stuck on the exact size. All you need is a tube that will fit over the chosen threaded rod, but large enough that the nuts for that rod could be knocked into the open end without splitting the pipe. I specified the sizes, since it seems to be a standard pipe sizes for plumbing – at least here in South Africa.

      Your 1/2″ pipe sounds perfect.

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      Oh, don’t get me wrong, good sir. I have a full appreciation of the metric system, and the difference between “measurement systems” and “manufacturing standards”. (Happily, I am not involved in the manufacture of British bicycles, which I hear is a world of its own.)

      My desire to learn the wall thickness of your 15mm pipe is driven by the wish to benefit from your proven and successful experience.

      I personally think that the development of an SAE-based branch of the Morgan design would be a waste of resources. “Why invent a square wheel when a perfectly round one already exists?”

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      Quentin Harley

      Noted 😉

      Get the strongest pipe you can easily get hold off. I use Class 1 pipe (rated for gas installation) if I can get it, but class 0 plumbing pipe works fine as well.

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