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      I am trying to configure a Morgan Scara arm using the morgan_scara.config and as a starting point.
      For some reason I can not get the arm to move the way that it should. I can get it home using G28 but when I send a M360 or M361 command nothing happens. I think that I have a misunderstanding as to how the coordinate system is oriented.

      I am running the latest version of the firmware on a Smoothieboard 5X.

      Here is the geometry for my printer:

      Printer Geometry

      In think thatthe reprap morgan the coordinate system is oriented in this fashion. Is this the case for the smoothieware arm solution?

      Main Questions:
      1 – Where should the coordinate system’s origin be (a, b, c, or d) and which way are X and Y positive?

      2 – How do I know that the arms are moving in the right direction? i.e. should arm 1 move clockwise when I send a X+ move?

      3 – How is the steps_per_mm calculated? is this steps/degree or step/mm of arc length movement at the length of the arm?

      4 – In which direction should the arms home? clockwise or counterclockwise (home_to_max or home_to_min)?

      Thank you so much for your help. 🙂

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      Quentin Harley

      1) Your diagram is correct. Zero at A and XY increasing into the build volume

      2) Homing should move anticlockwise for correct motor orientation.

      3)Steps per degree, increasing anticlockwise.

      4)The system homes to max, which is why homing moves anticlockwise.

      M360 should home the machine, and then move the arms over to the other side of the machine so that arm1 (Theta) is parallel with the top platform

      M361 does the same, except that the arm ends up 90degrees to the top platform for the calculation of the steps.

      Now some questions for you 😉
      a) Where did you get the firmware.bin
      b) Which version of Morgan do you have
      c) Did you enter your initial steps/deg into the config?


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      Thank you for the quick response Quentin,

      a) I am using the latest firmware found in the smoothieware git hub. Should I use your FIRMAWARE.bin from the FIRMWARE UPDATE page

      b) I am using a diy reprap morgan style printer that I built.

      c) I entered the steps/degree into the config. Also entered the arm geometry and tower offsets.

      One more question:

      I noticed that there is no place to enter the define MANUAL_HOME_X_POS or MANUAL_HOME_Y_POS. How do I enter this into the config? Do I just set the alpha_max and beta_max (in the smoothie config) to the MANUAL_HOME positions?


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