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      Inline skates, aka rollerblades, contain sixteen 608z bearings that match the specifications to the Morgan printer. It’s possible to find old skates at a charity store (Salvation Army/Good Will), garage sales, and Craigslist.

      Regular ink jet printers that many people throw/give away may possibly contain 8mm rod and stepper motors.

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      I’m left with hotends, stepper motors, heated print beds, electronics and LM8UU bearings at the end of my local RepRap shopping sprees.

      I’ve always hoped to find LM8UU’s inside old 2D printers, but I’ve never had any luck. Perhaps they’re in use in the larger printers. Steppers and smooth rods from inside these always seem too underpowered / too short to be of use in a printer project, but they’re a goldmine for smaller projects.

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