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      Around 2012 I decided that I want to build my own 3d printer, so I bought 3x nema17 (not knowing you kinda needed 4 minimum) and was going to build the RepRap Eventorbot. Then my pc broke and I spent all my money on that (as back then gaming > life =\ ).

      Fast forward 2-3 years and I find my stepper motors gathering dust in the cupboard and decided that now would be a good time to restart my 3d printer building adventures. After some digging, I landed on the RepRap Morgan page and I was hooked. It’s movement while printing is mesmerizing and as a fellow South African…some patriotism was part of the decision making me thinks.

      How ever thing does not always go according to plan. I mean as a 3rd year varsity student (UCT) I should have plenty of spare time…*cough cough*…and it took me 8+ months to source and build it to a point where I can start testing the hardware.

      RepRap Morgan Custom Build

      Now onto the main topic of this forum post…
      -When Trying to home…the steppers just whine (high pitched) and don’t move (Yes I have checked the vPot’s, they are set correctly)
      -When I try and move the arms with gcode…it proceeds to try and rip it’s own head off. Regardless of the endstops (and yes I did do the steps tuning bit, currently sitting on (456,456,456,450))

      Any ideas?
      I’m completely lost. plox help

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      Just a quick video update of the problems I’m faced with.


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      Quentin Harley

      Hi S,

      Looks very nicely built. Let’s see…

      First thing to check is that the microstepping flags are installed correctly. It needs to be all installed, for all the drivers. You can experimentally change the steps to 50 for faultfinding.

      Regarding the end stops, test them using the M119 function. Move each of the end stop magnets into position independently, and run the command to see if it triggers. X is the top wheel, Y the bottom wheel, and Z is obvious.

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      Hi Quinten

      So after some searching, turns out my Ramps board never came with jumpers.

      With jumpers installed, it’s actually moving…finally. (Yes, X is the top wheel). Next up is to tackle the calibration…which is proving to be challenging…mostly due to the fact that I would set mu thetha arm correctly…go m360 and the psi arm would be 0deg…really odd

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