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      A big part of the cost of building a Morgan is the RAMPS circuitboard. I was just looking at the Pololu driver diagram at

      It looks like each driver board needs two pins – step and direction. Four driverboards is 8 GPIO pins. The RaspberryPi has that many. Is it within the realm of possibility to use it instead of the RAMPS?

      The RAMPS firmware would have to be rewritten for the rPi and I realize thats a huge undertaking.

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      Quentin Harley

      You need more GPIO. Besides the drivers you need to control heating, reAd end-stops etc.

      That would require an add on board to add the additional IO,driving the cost of the pi up significantly.

      The best option cost wise would be one of the single board solutions available already. These are already compatible with a host of different firmwares.

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      You may want to look at the pcduino.


      Pretty neat piece of hardware!

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      Quentin Harley

      It is a neat piece of hardware. The problem is that it probably also needs a RAMPS like adaptor board. It would be a sweet piece of 3D printer electronics, but probably even more expensive than RAMPS.

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