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      I’m about to start rounding up vitamins for my Morgan \o/

      I have a question about the BOM where it specs. 2- .9 deg steppers and “high current” Pololu drivers.

      Any recommendations? I’m familiar with the regular 1.8 deg/pololus but the others are new to me. Any advise would be most welcome!


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      DRV8825 or DRV8824 is OK, and 8824 works better on low current, RAMPS is low current.

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      Quentin Harley

      Fig is correct.

      The main reason why I specified “High Current”was that at the time only the DRV8825 drivers were available and marketed as high current. My drive to use those has to do with the 32uStepping that will allow much finer calibration and cleaner prints.

      0.9 step is more of the same. It has 400 steps per cycle, in stead of the normal 200, giving the machines much better resolution capabilities.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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