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      Hi All,

      I apologize upfront if this have been asked and answered before, I was unable to find this information.

      We have 32mm grey PVC pipe here in Europe that you can get cheaply from most hardware stores. They are classified as SN4 stiffness and had a wall of about 3mm. I’ve read on this forum and elsewhere on the internet that fitting the PVC pipes and platforms needs to have pretension, as this provides stability and it does makes perfect sense.

      However looking at the angles and how stiff the SN4 pipes I can get are, I’m scared that the PLA printed pipe supports either won’t hold or the platform (multiplex or MDF) might break.

      So the question I’d like to have answered is what the wall thickness is of the PVC pipes that are being used in South-Africa by Quentin and others?

      Thanks in advance,

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      Quentin Harley

      The pipe you can get there sounds like the right stuff. I built my first machine using pipe I salvaged from an old computer stand. Give it a shot and let me know.

      PLA is surprisingly strong if you print it hot enough. Use 0.2mm layer hight, 210 degree with 3 perimeters and 25%infill

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