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      Hi Q,

      sorry … on M372-Sequence at the last M372 Command the arm should move to 1st position, right?
      if i do that, my scara move with the scara-arms in a max-position outside the bed and after that he turn clockwise till he crash/the belt is at the end and try to move more …

      Z-Axis Calibrationsheet

      any idea?


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      Quentin Harley

      Does not sound right… none of mine do that.

      Does it make a funny sound while it goes?

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      Will try to make a video of that.
      Dont know yet, course i’am realy tired (2h on German Highway at average speed ~200km/h) …

      the funny thing is, that before Step works good … AND on my 371-Post a few days ago this sequence work!

      Maybee i make a mistake in a corner of der Marlinware….

      will try and report …

      greetings from Germany

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      just a short question btw …
      is it possible to change the printbed dimension from 210 to 200 in the m372 command ?
      My (glas)bed is only 200.

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      #define X_MAX_POS 200
      #define Y_MAX_POS 200


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      Hi Q, problem solved … unfortunately i dont know the real reason for that …
      i reload the firmware from github, edit it and then
      i changed the Max_Pos X/Y to 200 (course i have only 200mm) and the Min_Pos X/Y to 0.
      after that every works like a charme …

      now the nozel is a bit far away from the glas … think i must make a z_offset in slic3r ?

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      Quentin Harley

      Yes, setting z offset will be fine.

      Move the bed up to the point where it touch, and check M114. Take the value of Z, change the sign, and add to the value next to M206 when you do M503.

      M114 X100 Y100 Z-12

      M503 has M206 Xxx Yyy Z5.4
      5.4+12 = 17.4
      M206 Z17.4

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