Has anyone used a Brainwave controller?

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      I was looking for an inexpensive controller for my Morgan build and I wondered if this would work.


      It’s got 32x stepping. Onboard LV8713 drivers.

      I followed the instructions and I was able to build the Morgan branch of Marlin with just a couple of changes. Binary 55K or so, close to max capacity for the stock at90usb646 though from what I understand you can replace with 128K at90usb1286.

      I just don’t have the hardware yet to know whether it will burst into flames.

      Use Arduino IDE 1.x (I’m using 1.0.5)

      Use the Brainwave hardware bundle (it’s compatible with Arduino 1.x) for Arduino IDE from this page http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:25054

      Use the Marlin branch from qharley https://github.com/qharley/Marlin/tree/armlevel

      Edit Configuration.h to set MOTHERBOARD 82

      Comment this out //#define ULTIPANEL //the ultipanel as on thingiverse

      And near top of Marlin.h change this define thusly rather than defining it only by ARDUINO version because my 1.0.5 didn’t have it.

      //Arduino < 1.0.0 does not define this, so we need to do it ourselfs
      #ifndef analogInputToDigitalPin
      # define analogInputToDigitalPin(p) ((p) + A0)

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      Quentin Harley

      The Brainwave looks like a … brainwave!

      I have not used it, but it is Marlin capable, and will surely work perfectly for Morgan is the machine stands now.

      Worth investigating… on my list of things to do.

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