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      Hi Q,

      its me again πŸ˜‰
      have another problem …
      want to try the hotend and extruder …
      i was suprised – now everything seems to work AND then i activate the extruder (long time not used, only weeks ago to check if extruder work …).
      The only thing what happend was a humming pulsating noise like a stepmotor is hard working.
      In Pronterface the message “echo: cold extrusion prevented” posted again and yet again since i switched of the printer.
      The extruder-stepmotor did not move in this situation and you can turn the wheel of the extruder (no power). Then i recognise that the sound wasn’t from the motor – it was from the stepdriver (or near round that)!
      Try times – always the same, i tought that ramps, stedriver or something like this is broken.
      i changed the stepdriver and then the ramps – always the same result.

      On a flash of inspiration (however!) i flashed the original Marlin Firmware ..
      and …
      it works like a charm!!
      but why ? have no idea … have board 33 in configuration.h and checked the pins.h …
      no abnormality

      have u an idea ?


      (and of course i send Pics from first print πŸ˜‰ think i’ll make a video on Utube

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      AH! maybe a good idea ..
      possibly it has somthing to do with “#define PIDTEMP” ?
      I try to extrude cold … and the system want to prevent this(with a nice sound”modul” πŸ˜‰ ) and on original marlin this is not enabled (or? upps – must take a look)

      try to comment #define PIDTEMP but have compile errors …

      πŸ™ orginal firmware has it too …

      whatever … – i will try to warm extrude now

      will report … (hope soon)

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      Quentin Harley

      Where did my post go…

      With filament removed use M302 to enable cold extrudes. The motor should run.

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      try to make warm extrusion … same πŸ™
      must correct one sentence:
      “and you can turn the wheel of the extruder (no power)”
      no – i can not turn the extruder manual – so power enabled

      buaaaaaaaaaah! *wailing* sorry, i’am twichy πŸ˜‰

      any idea ?

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      we’re writing same time πŸ™‚

      YIPIEEEEEE … M302 do it … it extrude … puh!

      Thanks a lot! …

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