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      I am having some problems with the homing offset calibration.
      Can you send me a picture or other instructions where I can see the distance that i have to measure and enter into the configuration.h file ? I have read the instructions in the MORGAN START-UP AND CALIBRATION GUIDE so I think i am missing something. Would you also explain me where is the bed zero position?
      To make it clear i want to know what values should i put in the next lines:
      #define MANUAL_X_HOME_POS
      #define MANUAL_Y_HOME_POS
      Can it be a positive distance? Because in the original code the distance is X-35 and Y-55
      Any other information with can make things easier for calibration would be amazing.
      Thanks for helping

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      Quentin Harley

      If you take a look at the images in the Smoothie arm calibration under the support section is may become more clear where the home zero position is.

      Yes, it can be a positive distance, as long as the home position is not in a position before the end of the bed. If this happens, you can miss a home, and the machine will try to turn its own head off…

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        Hi Quentin. Thanks for responding. it was very useful. So, for what i get, the distance can´t be positive so that we avoid the problem, and it´s easy to fix, I just moved the home position to other position. i think this was more clear when i saw the video on youtube: Reprap Morgan Smoothie test 1. Speed.

        I have other question about the endstops. When I connect the hall effect sensors in the Ramps in the the first, third and fifth position for x,y,z respectively It does not work. But if I connect them to the second, four and sixth position it works great. I don’t understand why this happens, so i dont really know what should be the correct way.
        thanks for the help.

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      Quentin Harley

      This is correct. Hall sensors are configured as “Max” in the firmware, and should be configured as such. It has to do with the reference of the degrees of the arms, not the actual bed zero. This is why it can be confusing.

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