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      Quentin Harley

      I have placed a new BOM in the assembly section. This is a link to the living document, so it will be updated automatically when I make any changes to the document.

      Hope it helps a bit.

      Here is a link to a live PDF as well.

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      I added that extra column to the spreadsheet. Feel free to merge it into the official.

      Can you make some comment on the items highlighted yellow?

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      Thanks. I guessed most of this but was very unsure. I had no idea what the universal build plate was, but I guess it was the last thing obviously missing…

      I’ll add your notes in.

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      On the new BOM, it doesn’t give a length for the 8mm smooth rod. How much do we need?

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      Also, it lists the cabinet coach screws as 5mm. Does this mean M5, or 5mm long? And either way, what’s the other measurement?

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      Good catches!

      The smooth rods don’t have to be much longer than the lead screw do they? So in that case a 1M length would do… I definitely want clarification on this.

      I would say the cabinet/coach screws were meant to be M5, because a 5mm long screw doesn’t seem useful here, but yes we still need a length.

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      The length for the smooth rod is listed on the BOM at 440mm x2. So yes 1M will be fine. That’s exactly the length I purchased.

      The cabinet coach screws are probably 5mm long, as an M5 screw/bolt would be too large for the holes in the z-mounts and motor brackets. I used something like an 8-32 x 3/8″ wood screw (gotta double check when I get home). But then I also used a 1/2″ piece of plywood for my baseplate, so the screw was just long enough to hold the mounts in place. Thicker baseplate could afford you more depth for a longer screw if you’re worried.

      I’ll be posting pics of my almost finished Morgan soon. It’s not as pretty as some of the other ones i’ve seen here, but that’s because i’m saving all of the really cool paint jobs and customizations for my second Morgan.

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      I saw and noticed the additional column in the table: “looks like”.

      This would be a nice addition, as the picture is really useful for people who are just getting started or know something by a different name. Obviously getting all those pictures would be a fair bit of work.

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      For the 40mm long self tapping coach screws I used #4 x 1 1/2″ flathead wood screws as a replacement. Basically you just need something long enough to reach through the toolhead into the arm in order to secure it.

      For the springs, there are 3 main locations where springs are needed.
      1.) In the Z mount bracket. This spring is for anti-backlash. I used a 44.5mm Overall, 11.25mm OD spring. Just needs to be big enough to fit your z-axis leadscrew.
      2.) On the eckstruder.
      3.) For the heated bed.

      Choose springs that fit based on your needs.

      Electronics are not defined specifically because this is where you can choose your own set of electronics. Power supply, etc.

      The lasercut platforms is just the base and top semicircle of the machine. I went for plywood. From my understanding the universal build plate is just the z axis bed that the heated bed and the z-axis arms are attached to.

      This is just based on what I learned from doing research when I had questions just like yours. Could be totally wrong, but looking at my Morgan, i’d say that info is pretty spot on.

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