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      I just started the flowchart process as documented on the Morgan page. So far I can´t go further than the M360 section. It looks like the arms are never going to get that position. When I jog with y+ or y- the machine starts moving but when its getting close to the position (Theta 0degree) arms starts to turn like looking for home so I have to stop the machine. This has happened a couple of times, before that, I was able to get the position (Theta 0degree) two or three times, but still doesn´t work when I type m206 with some value.

      – Maybe I am not taking the right value? I think I dont understand that part in the flow chart ( m114 – record scara cal – Theta ) I am supoussed to copy the value “Theta cal X” after m114 and then type m206 “theta cal X” (with the value I just copied). ¿Is that right?

      – Can I jog in X direction to try to get the correct position after m360?. Because It looks easier that way.

      – Is one of these terms supposed to be converging to a particular value? If so, which one, what value?

      – When I type the m206 command like this “m206 X-27.58”, with one space between “6” and “X” (without quotes), is that correct? – how can I know if the results are been ignored?

      If someone can help me and contact me off-forum, so that I could send some videos of the machine and its very weird movements for analysis.

      Thanks a lot

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      Quentin Harley

      What electronics?

      Remember that firmwares can be case sensitive, and that pronterface will only translate everything to uppercase if you do not mix cases.

      Try M206 X-27.58

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      I have an arduino mega 2560 with ramps 1.4
      Thanks for answer so soon.

      I have another question:

      – When I type M360. Does it have to get exactly as the picture in the flowchart? I mean I know the idea is to get theta arm parallel to the top platform. but even when theta arm is parallel to the platform, it does not look like the picture.
      arms after m360

      Also something curious happend. After three times typing M360 the arm was able to get to the position (as the picture in flowchart) but the funny part is that it went in the opposite direction. So the arms actually look like your picture but they stayed in the opposite way to the bed.

      Maybe motors connection are not good:
      I have connected in my ramps: X motor in the top drive wheel and Y motor fitted to lower drive wheel. Just as it says in calibrations steps.

      please any help. calibration is driving me crazy.

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      Quentin Harley

      M360 is written as an easy way to get it into calbration position. You could home, and manually jog it into position using the jog buttons in pronterface or whichever control software you prefer. Then run M360 P0

      The same counts for all the other positions as well.

      That said, it may be that your steps are mot configured properly, and the initial home position perhaps not set correctly.

      Good luck!

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