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      Like MacMarty I started building a Morgan following RepRapMag BeginnerSpace and Quentins manual. I also want to share some details. I am from Holland, and are a very newby in this 3D world.


      A friend printed the parts. I was not able to have the platforms cnc’d, and used Trespa. I used the drawings of Robert Kuhlmann, but not all sizes are on the sheet, and I did not succeed in milling with an exactitude of f.i. 102,38 mm 😉 So that was the first challenge…

      To be continued

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      Beginner Space page 71: I added 20mm to the pipes, the threaded rod, the 15 and the 20mm pipes because of a longer hot end; then you also must add 6 mm to the smooth rods!

      Don’t start with the first M8 nut at the end of the threaded rod; the drive wheel must allign with the pully of the motor.

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