Back to the Origin of Species…

Trying to absorb all the development that has happened in the open hardware 3D printer arena, I find myself veering violently between the different configurations.  There is certainly still a lot of merit in the Darwin like machine…

The problem is that I find myself exploring ALL the different parts of RepRap at once.

Time to choose my poison. The frame is an obvious first choice then.


What’s in a name?

Thomas Hunt Morgan did using fruit flies what Gregor Mendel started forty years prior on peas.

My design (or my initial ideas) are loosely based of the current Mendels, but will eventually bear little resemblance to its muse.  The idea is to make the design Mendel printable… though it might be a (very) tight fit.

Morgan will be at least 90% printed volume, at least 3 material, automatic unloading with a build area exceeding the 300x300x100 Gada spec.  But it will be a while before we get into that.  Morgan will have to be printed.

A new beginning

Stumbled across the Gada prize… and some additional stumbling made me decide – I can build that!

Every story needs a beginning, and this one starts a couple of years ago when I bought my first inkjet printer.  Wonderful things, except that their print heads did not last more than two cartridge changes…

Three printers later there is enough mechanicals for a nice RepStrap.  You have to start somewhere.  Only thing is, that to build a Gada compliant RepRapper you will need quite a big RepStrap.  This will be a record of the journey halfway there


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