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New RAMPS built

Last night I completed my second (third…) RAMPS board. It is becoming very easy now, especially since I expanded my SMD toolkit.


The most important additions are possibly the solder paste gun, fresh solder paste, and the liquid flux pen. The solder paste gun works like a caulking gun, except that the trigger is hair fine, with a long lever, allowing you to squeeze the tiniest drops of paste onto the pads. Works a treat!

See my new RAMPS below.


It is populated fully in SMD components, but through-hole stuff was added minimally. I can still add stuff later if required. I tested it, working perfectly so far.

I also had time to do the micro-current hack on my pololu drivers, replacing R4 with a zero-ohm resistor.


Now everything is in place for the big push in the firmware.


    Install RAMPS with at least the basic motor functions
    Complete and test inverse kinematics
    Install limit switches on the theta and phi axis, and write an auto homing routine

Good times!

Posted on 1 Comment