Morgan Ultimate?

Wim de Groot is at it again…

Morgan Ultimate Morgan Ultimate arms Morgan Ultimate drives

Wim writes:

I had access to another Ultimaker kit and applied that with the available Morgan parts from the first trial set-up.
I used the Ultimaker platform ( =more stable but mounted up side down to get the platform higher) , and with M8 thread and nut as in your design.
I used the Ultimaker extruderfeeder, electronics and motors.
I designed and built a hotend for the Morgan arm.

We now are struggling with positioning the end stops, the firmware and the calibration.
I have got a friend to do that for me as I am more a mechanical guy.
Where and how did you place the Hall sensors?

We let you know when the printer works.

Problems so far:
The standard Ultimaker print surface dimensions are too small for the full use of the Morgan arms.
Home position as you sent me in a picture can not be attained/applied.
We need to find a way to mount two homing switches (Hall type) for the arms.

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