Morgan and Robohand – Enable one, enable many

Reprap Morgan is proud to announce that  we are partnering with Robohand / Robobeast to help enable many more.


Morgan and RoboBeast will soon be manufactured in the same plant. This will be the driving force behind one of the largest bespoke print-farms in South Africa.  Robohands, Robobeasts and Morgans will roll of the plant in harmony.

Richard van As (Robo Rich) is currently in the USA, setting up the largest print farm at the College of the Ouachitas. in Arkansas



They are fixing up and calibrating more than 50 (brand new) formerly troublesome makerbots to make Robohands… and other things while the opportunity presents itself 😉




You may have noticed some changes on the Morgan Site…  A certain good looking 3D printer seems to dominate the page…


Richard van As helped make this metamorphosis possible, by subtly suggesting material substitutions, hinting at colour choices, and not so subtly bugging Quentin to get his ducks into a row and redesign Morgan to be more robust, easier to build and manufacture and to be very easy on the eye…   Every good wunderkind needs a good mentor.Robobeasts


Thanks to House4Hack that brought these two together…

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