10 Replies to “The first image of Morgan 01”

    1. Making the final changes. As soon as the daughter is built, i will release the STL’s

      Then you can buy me a beer…

    1. By design 200x200x200, but we may be able to squeeze a bit more out of it with the new aluminium hot plate covers.

      I am planning a 300x300x300 version.

  1. Are those plastic arms holding the z axis? Wouldn’t those sag under the heat from the hotbed? On my work’s makerbot replicator – the arms holding the build surface sag by around 1mm. Yet they don’t sag when heated to 60c for PLA, thus I need to re-level the bed everytime I switch between ABS and PLA

    1. I do not experience any sagging. The arms are not attached to the bed directly. There is an intermediary carriage plate, attached with plastic clips to the copper pipes, attached to the arms. They remain cool.

  2. Hi..

    Just wondering jow soon the STL files will be released as I think i would like to add this to my collection of printers.


    1. I hate having to say “soon” all the time. I will have to make time this week to get it done!

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