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New direction

Morgan as taken another turn.

After taking a look at the vitamin count of my initial design, it became clear to me that the real problem preventing the more widespread replication of RepRaps is related to cost, and complexity. More vitamins contributes to both problems.

Since we know that printed thermoplastics does not quite make long running, reliable bearings, we have to make sure that only the hardest working axis gets the bearings, and a minimum amount of it for each.

Another little problem I discovered, is if you max out the build area, according to the GADA spec, and print a solid block of PLA of 300x300x100mm, your work-piece will weigh more than 11kg! Try lugging that around at speed…

Thus, there are a couple of new concepts on the charts, with a stationary work-piece and low cost low weight Cartesian bot as the main components…

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Changing one’s mind…

The Morgan project will one day be famous (in my eyes at least) for the design that had to withstand the most amount of paradigm shifts…

The year is at an end, and only one year remain for the completion of a GADA prize candidate system.  Nice.  I need deadlines. So, the Morgan deadline is set for August 2012.

That leaves 3 months to (with a working 3d printer) design and build my home filament maker.

December for documentation.

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