Sourcing of parts (cont.)

Never take anything written on the web as gospel.  A lesson I just had to relearn when sourcing parts for RAMPS.

The BOM on the REPRAP wiki for Ramps 1.4 is not quite correct in all instances, for instance the package information of some of the capacitors, notably the 100uF electrolytics.  The package indicated is 0605, where it should have been Type D aluminium electrolytic.  No wonder nobody wanted (or could) help me with those caps.  To add insult, when I finally got some caps, I was supplied Type E, which is about 2mm too large, and the headers will not fit on my Ramps board with these fitted.

New caps ordered today.  Communica has stock, but once again I have to take a reel of 1000 pieces at close to R3000.  RS got the deal, again.  Should arrive next week Monday.  Besides, that same reel would be less expensive at RS!  Talk about warped perspectives.

I will document the RAMPS build with a proper BOM for South Africa, and photos of the process.

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