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The Aluminium heated bed allows you to use various materials and makes removing items from the build plate easier. This is the recommended option. The standard PMMA bed runs cold and will conserve energy. It is only recommended if you do not intend on using any material but PLA.
We normally supply your Morgan with a 4mm standard flow nozzle. Here you can choose additional nozzles.
The standard power supply will allow you to do non stop printing while the power is good, or your machine is on UPS. The advanced power supply will do the same, with the added benefit of allowing a 12V battery to be connected to the system as a backup power option.
Add a roll of PLA to your order to get you going straight away
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The Morgan Pro 3 3D Printer is a feature-packed, well rounded off 3D printer.  The design is based on the award-winning Reprap Morgan 3D Printer and is designed and built in South Africa.  It features a big build volume, high-performance slicing software, excellent print quality and a 1-year warranty.

This printer comes fully assembled, tested and ready for use.  


  • Print Head: Single extrusion

  • Print Head Temperature: Up to 245°C /473°F

  • Maximum Build Volume: 380 mm x 220mm x 220 mm

  • Layer Thickness: 

    • 70 microns | 0.07 mm (High Quality)

    • 200 microns | 0.2 mm (medium print)

    • 300 microns | 0.3 mm (fast draft print possible)

  • Internal Storage: 16GB – if configured mounts in the operator’s PC as an external drive
  • Weight(without spool) :  10.5 kg

  • Dimensions

    • Height: 630 mm

    • Width: 340 mm

    • Depth: 470 mm (Base 370 mm)

  • High-Quality PLA filaments recommended.

  • Filament: 1.75mm PLA (Biodegradable/Renewable)


The integrated touch controller makes controlling your 3D printer easier than ever. The machine can operate completely stand-alone, running the G-code from an SD card. This frees up your computer for other work while the printer continues on its own.


Choice of 3D slicer software is up to the user.  Printer profiles are available for Simplify3D, and new profiles are being tested for Cura and Slic3r


  • Morgan input rating: 100 – 240V, 50 – 60Hz, 1.2A ( 4.5A with heated bed)

  • Backup battery option available: Internal UPS supply and external battery connector will keep system printing while user finds an alternative power source.  Any 12V lead-acid battery can be used, leaving the level of protection up to the user.

  • Room Temperature: 16-30° C

  • Level workspace

  • Dry workspace environment

  • One year warranty:

  • Extended warranty can be purchased within the valid warranty period.

  • Maintenance contracts are available.

  • Printing heads are covered under a repair exchange policy

Additional information

Weight 10.5 kg
Dimensions 630 × 340 × 380 cm

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