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  1. Hi,

    I just came across your site trying to find instructions on building a prusa mendel. Can you help me? I have absolutely no experience with electronics, do you have or can you tell me where I can find a complete & detailed list of things I need.


    1. Building the actual electronics on this type of project can be a little daunting if you have no experience. Hell, it is even challenging for somebody like me that has some experience!

      If you are adamant on building your own electronics, I would recommend you go for one of the many non surface mount RAMPS shields. You can buy the “brains” from an online store and have it delivered to you. Get the Arduino Mega in order to make your Ramps shield go. If you have a little more money you could get a fully assembled RAMPS online. Try someplace like http://ultimachine.com/catalog/electronics/circuit-boards-and-kits/ramps

      No it is not cheap, but getting it from the source (they also design RAMPS) is the best way to ensure you have a painless start – unlike my own attempt. My problem is that I have started already, and invested in the slow way I have to continue 😉

      The best instructions on building a Prusa Mendel you can get on the RepRAP website, or from prusajr’s blogs. Go to the Reprap site first: http://www.reprap.org/wiki/Prusa_Build_Manual

      Hope this helps you a bit.


      1. Hi Quentin,

        I am about to embark on a similar journey with the Mendel Prusa. I was going to use Sanguinololu but from reading your post it looks like you may have ordered more than you need for some stuff. I thought if I could buy some off you and reduce both of our costs I will go with RAMPS instead. I will be making at least 5 of them so if at the very least you can share some of your suppliers please let me know, any other advice would be much appreciated. Oh ja, I am by no means experienced but am studying Electro-Mechanical Engineering.



        1. Well, it seems I have a riot on my hands!

          The board I built is very surface mount, that takes a bit more effort to assemble, but I will investigate if we can get it a bit cheaper if we order a couple.

          For the pololu I still recommend you get it from robotics.org.za Building the stepsticks will be very hard… You need a magnifying glass just to see the resistors properly 😉

          1. Thanks,

            You seem to be the only one talking about it online in SA hence the “Riot”. I can get the the Sanguinololu kit for around R500 delivered so not sure if that works out cheaper? Wont attempt building the Stepsticks. I will be ordering this week so let me know what you think.

  2. As we discovered, R500 was not accurate due to some “administrative” mistakes by your suppliers… Yes folks, turns out to be GBP 90 – closer to R1200…

    Robotics – not cheap, Yet!

    I think we should attempt to drive prices down by offering competition to the Europeans and Americans.

    1. I have some RAMPS 1.4 boards to share at R150 each. This is a one time offer, since I am not currently in the electronic sales business, and there is only about 8 left.

  3. Man, SA seems a barren wasteland when I try to look up components. I’m trying to find a Sanguinololu, the RAMPS would do fine if it can operate a mendel90. Honestly, all I want is a recipe to construct the control board, and a place to find the basics components. I have no experience, but am pragmatic enough that i can make it work … if I can find the parts.

    Sooo, where the h*ll did you find a Sanguinololu in SA?

    I have found a page listing SA suppliers of such things, https://www.morgan3dp.com/?page_id=163 , but cant find a Sanguinololu on any of the links.

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