Philanthropy and Open Hardware

In 2013 RepRap Morgan won the Uplift interim prize for Personal Manufacturing.
Uplift Prize

This page is a record of the impact…

Morgan was born in  a small study/workshop/3d print cave measuring 3×2,5m

Space was a problem…

After the Prize money lots have changed.

Quentin moved out of the study and into a dedicated room at the Centurion chapter of House4Hack, a local hacker initiative



The old AMD X2 PC Morgan was designed on initially was retired, and was replaced with a new Laptop, running Ubuntu.

House4Hack has a rich community of hackers, of varying backgrounds, and has a lot of invaluable donated tools to everyone’s disposal.  This is a lathe that was repaired with some of the prize money.


RepRap Morgan also bought some second hand laser equipment in order to start ramping up low cost production of 3D machines in South Africa, and to start learning about laser techniques while we are waiting for the big laser tubes to arrive.  Some love and attention needed, but already proving useful


Safety firstDSC0116

The 100W large lasersaur we are building, tubes on order from ChinaDSC0115


Initiatives such as the Uplift prize makes does not drive innovation… It enables and empowers the innovation to become available to those that need it most.

Follow the impact of the prize on Morgan on the blog – Big announcements to come!

The Dec 2015 Uplift prize is getting closer now… time to get your teams ready for the big one!

4 thoughts on “Philanthropy and Open Hardware

  1. […] has enabled us to refine these practices and demonstrate successful execution of such a prize. See here for more about how the winner, Quentin Harley, used the prize funds to further his innovati… See the gallery for more videos about self-replicating 3D Printing. […]

  2. […] years later in 2013, Morgan 3D Printers, who we met at Leaderex last month, won the Interim Personal Manufacturing Prize and $20 […]

  3. How do you define the working area ?

    1. The working area is a semi circle on the radius of the arms.
      On the Morgan Pro this gives you a rectangular area of 380×150, though the mid section allows up to 220mm for large round items.

      I added a graphical representation of this area on the product specification page of the Morgan Pro 2. Mega to follow

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